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Getting a proper Seint Color Match is of the utmost importance when it comes to purchasing Seint’s iiiD Foundation. This is because getting color matched will ensure that you have the right colors for your skin tone. And having the correct shade, particularly when it comes to your highlight color (aka main foundation shade), will make all the difference in your experience with the makeup. The correct Seint Color Match will help you create that flawless look you see in all of the stunning Seint before and after photos. And that’s what we all want, right?!?

Color Match Form: 
Choose all that apply to your skin:
Using the chart below, how would you describe your skin tone?

One unique thing about our makeup is our Lip & Cheeks, which double as Blush & Lipstick. In the next photo you will notice that our L&C come in a variety of finishes such as, satin (matte), glossy and semi gloss, as well as color groups. The matte ones are more pigmented so they last longer. Semi gloss and glossy are great for layering on your lips over top of a matte or as a stand alone. Which interests you? 

Lip & Cheek: Select all that apply:

If you are interested in eye shadow at this time, take a look at our colors below and list out any that spark interest! If you aren't sure what colors to choose or would like a custom 4 shadow palette created just for you, I would be happy to create one! Simply make a note on your eye color or what color family you are most drawn to. Our shadows are highly pigmented and much larger than conventional palette shadows!

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